Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have never opened or used a pop up camper before can you show me how to use the camper?Absolutely..Yes! When you pick up the camper please allow 1-1.5 hours before hook up to your vehicle. During this time we will review everything that you need to know to operate the camper safely from setup to hook up to take down. When you make your reservation for a pickup we will have a staff member here to explain how the camper operates. Please be sure to be on time for your scheduled pickup.

2. When should I make my reservation? As soon as you know your preferred camping date. We have four campers and they tend to book 3-6 weeks in advance during the spring/summer season.

3. Can I reserve my dates via email or phone with you? I am sorry we cannot hold a camper over the phone or via email. All campers are available to each customer on a first come first service basis. Our online booking system is available 24 hours via the internet. Once you check out online using the system you are guaranteed the camper for your preferred date.

4.To book my preferred date, can I send my security deposit online? Yes. Please that is part of our online booking system. Please see the answer above.

5. Why do I have to give a deposit? The deposit guarantees your preferred dates and is fully refundable upon the safe and clean return of the camper.

6. Is the deposit refundable? Yes, as long as the camper is returned on time and without damage and is thoroughly cleaned before it is returned.Your deposit will be refunded 7-10 business days after the safe return and inspection of the camper. All deposits are put in an escrow account and then transferred back to your credit card. Your credit will be made electronically back onto the same credit card with which you made your reservation.

7. How many Pop Up Campers do you have available to rent? Please check our website often to view our newest additions.

8. Where are you located? We are located about 25 miles north of Charlotte North Carolina. Please click the Location tab on the left hand side. Use the Mapquest link for directions to my location.

9. What is the dimension of the tow ball on the camper? The tow ball is 2 inches in diameter this applies to all of our campers except our 23xb Hybrid. We supply the draw bar and ball for the 23xb.

10. What kind of plug do I need to hook up the rear stop lights on the camper? You will need a 7 pole Male trailer plug connection for the rear stop lights to work on the camper. Pictured below is the plug that you will need. The second picture right below shows the plug which is on the camper itself and is a called a 7 pole trailer end plug (and is a female connection). Also if the rear lights and signals do not work we cannot allow the camper to depart.

If you need a plug for your vehicle we have adapters which can adapt a standard 4 prong plug to a 7 prong trailer plug. The cost to rent the adapter is $10.00/ camping trip.

The plug shown above is the plug that you need on your vehicle

The plug shown above is the plug which is on our campers.

11. What kind of hitch do I need on the back of my vehicle? You need what is called a class two hitch or a class three hitch (Class II or III). These hitches typically can pull 3500-5500 lbs. You will need a draw bar with a cotter pin and a two inch ball. PLEASE NOTE** for most of our popup campers the tow ball should measure 15-18 inches high from the ground to the top of the ball. This ensures a level tow of the camper and the camper is not at a pitch while towing.

12. Does the camper have a shower? All of our popup campers do not have a bathroom. All of our hybrids do have a full bathroom on board.

13. I do not have electricity at my campsite can I rent a generator from you? Yes, we have the latest low decibel Honda EU3000i generator available for your use. Please speak to us if you need to reserve one.

14. Can I smoke inside the camper? Sorry but smoking is not permitted inside of the camper. This rule is strictly enforced. If evidence of smoking is found your security deposit will be forfeited.

15. I have an animal that I would like to take with me, can I bring my dog/cat camping with us? No, Animals are not permitted inside any of our campers for any reason. Please do not even bring your animal. If you do not comply with this requirement and it is found that there was an animal in our camper your deposit of $200.00/$300.00 will be forfeited and no future camping credit will be issued and you will be denied future rentals.

16. What if I don't have the time to clean the unit before I return it? We no longer require you to clean the camper. We will do clean the camper after your rental. The charge for this is $25.00.

17. When will my deposit be refunded? Your deposit will be refunded from 7-10 business days after the camper is returned in good condition and is free of damage and is clean.

18. Do we need to bring pots and pans for cooking? Yes, if you plan on cooking on the grill, please bring your own cooking tools. Also, plates and utensils are not included with the rental so you will need to bring your own.

19. Do we need linens for the mattresses? Yes, please bring your own clean linens for the three mattresses. Two are full size and the additional bed is twin size. Flat sheets would be best for all beds.

20. What are the requirements to rent the camper? You must have a vehicle that can pull the dry weight of the camper which for the 8 foot camper is 1499 lbs. and the 10 foot camper 1900 lbs. You must provide a copy of your drivers license (front and back) and insurance card/declaration and you must be at least 25 years of age.

21.Can I use a generator with the camper? Yes, if you are dry camping (which is where you have no electrical plug in) you will either have to rough it or use a generator. The proper generator should provide at least 30 amps of power for both 8 foot and 10 foot campers.

22. Are there any other fees for the rent? We require a $25.00 cleaning fee for every camper after it is dropped off. Many campers do not have the time to clean the camper after use.

Propane Gas. Operates gas grill, refrigerator and the heat inside of the camper.

Free use of gas during the summer months.

For cooler months requiring heat,you have the option to fill
the propane tank yourself or we can fill it for you for $20.00

Four way converter to 7 pin round trailer plug. Makes the taillights and signals operate.
$10.00/Camping trip
Draw Bar with 2" Tow Ball. Installed upside down keeps the trailer safely attached to your vehicle and level while towing.
$10.00/Camping trip
Solar Power 1.8 v  Trickle Battery Charger. Keeps the 12 volt battery charged.         
$10.00/Camping trip       

23. What is your cancellation policy? When you rent with us your dates are blocked out so that no other camper can book those dates. If you cancel in excess of two weeks before your rental time, your reservation/security deposit is refundable minus a $100.00 surcharge. If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days of your departure date, your deposit is nonrefundable but we will issue you a camping credit so that you may use those funds for a future camping excursion (this credit will be valid for one calendar year).

24. Can I reschedule my camping trip? Yes you may reschedule your camping trip. Please call us or email us with your new preferred scheduling date. Please note there is a charge of $75.00 for each time you reschedule your reservation.

25. When is my payment due for the camper? Payment for your camping trip is due 2 weeks before your departure date. You can make a payment online. Your bill will be sent electronically or you may send a personal check to our business address. Whichever you  prefer. Typically our campers make two payments to us, first is the reservation/refundable security deposit and the second is for the actual camping trip. The security deposit will be refunded from 7-10 business days after the safe/clean return of the camper.

26. Why do I have to pay for my camping trip 2 weeks in advance? Last year with such a busy rental season we found that many of our customers were making last minute payments which delayed departure. It's just one less issue in the way so we can focus on the operation of the camper and your safe departure.

27.Can I rent a camper within a day? No, The Patriot Act prohibits rentals reserved less than 24  hours in advance. We comply with this law and do not accept last minute rentals.